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First Volunteer for World Cancer Day 2019

First Volunteer for World Cancer Day 2019

Apia, 26th January, 2019 – Uila Melissa Tolovaa exemplifies the spirit of youth who lives life with a purpose and the surety of how she wants to wisely spend her time. At 20 years young, Uila becomes the youngest and first person to register as a volunteer for the Samoa Cancer Society (SCS) at the start of 2019.

Most young people studying overseas look forward to the holidays when they come home briefly to relax and enjoy the fellowship with family and friends before they return to the grind of student life.

However, Uila decided to take her holidays to the next level and set about sending a message to the Samoa Cancer Society Facebook. Uila says “ I was wanting to experience working in the health sector to progress my skills and knowledge before I graduate from university".

The daughter of Tiatia and Aiulu Tolovaa of Ululoloa, Uila is a former student of Samoa College who went on to graduate from UPY at the National Univeristy of Samoa where she was awarded a scholarship to pursue a Bachelors Degree in Biomedical Science at Monash University in Australia since 2017. While she aspires towards further studies for a Masters degree, she aims to return to Samoa following her Bachelors Degree and assist with Laboratory and Research work for the Health Sector.

In the meantime, she will kickstart by volunteering her time at the Samoa Cancer Society to support some of its key services including  Community and Education Outreach in Savaii during the month of February as well as weekly Patient Support Visitations to homes of cancer patients.

The call to volunteer or be a member of the Samoa Cancer Society is one of the Society’s highlight activities of this years World Cancer Day on  the theme, I Am And I Will. The Society invites anyone to register if they are willing to help.

The Society has less than ten employed staff and continues to depend on the volunteers who give their time and talent to help minimize the impact of cancer in Samoa. Chief Executive Officer Shelley Burich added that “they participate in a range of activities that address real needs at every stage of the cancer journey. At the same time, by volunteering they gain the opportunity to learn, share and develop a variety of skills, bond with members of your family or the community and make a lasting impact in the lives of others”. Shelley expressed the appreciation of the Society to each and everyone who have journeyed with SCS since its inception 20 years ago to today through volunteerism.

The work continues for the Society in the meantime with the World Cancer Day commemoration coming up where SCS is working on key events for the public to support and participate, in partnership with JP Fitness, Ministry of Health and EFKS Church Vaiala with details to be released soon.